Enhance Your FiOS TV with the Best FiOS DVR

  • Record on any connected TV
  • Pause, play, or rewind LIVE TV on up to 10 TVs
  • Record up to 12 shows at once
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The Benefits of FiOS Quantum DVR and a Standard FiOS DVR

It’s easy to think of a FiOS® DVR as simply that, a digital video recorder like the original TiVo®. But as television technology has changed, so has the DVR. You can record more, store more, and do more with the DVR technology found in FiOS Quantum DVR. The question, then, is which DVR is right for you?

Here’s a general breakdown of a FiOS DVR and FiOS Quantum DVR to help you decide:

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  • Record on any TV
  • Pause, play, or rewind LIVE TV on 1 TV
  • 500 GB Storage (enough for 100 episodes in HD)
  • Record 2 shows at the same time

FiOS Quantum DVR

  • All the standard FiOS DVR features
  • Pause, play, rewind LIVE programming on up to 10 TVs
  • Record 12 shows at once
  • Watch content on a mobile device with DVR-to-Go™

The FiOS Quantum DVR gives you all the benefits you expect from the FiOS DVR along with bonus features like recording up to 12 shows at a time and being able to access your DVR content from any Internet-connected device. That means you don’t have to wait until you get home to catch up on your shows. You can watch on the bus to work, on a rainy day while on vacation, or even while waiting at the car dealer or in line at the grocery store. With FiOS Quantum DVR, you don’t need to be home to enjoy TV entertainment.

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Frontier Has a DVR Recorder for You

Frontier® offers a FiOS DVR recorder with its FiOS TV service, and the DISH® Hopper™ 3 DVR recorder when you sign up for DISH TV service. Both let you record shows, control your TV from one room to the next, and watch your DVR content from your mobile device.

So whether you decide to get the FiOS Quantum DVR recorder to go with your FiOS TV, or want DISH and its Hopper® Smart DVR recorder along with Frontier High-Speed Internet, you won’t miss a minute of your favorite TV shows.

FiOS TV + FiOS DVR = Best TV Experience at Home or Away

It’s no secret that FiOS brings all the benefits of fiber-optic technology to your TV viewing experience. With FiOS TV you get crystal-clear HD TV and enough bandwidth to stream 4K content. What’s not to love? But you want more right? Enter the FiOS DVR to save the day!

With a FiOS DVR you can pause what you’re watching in the basement, walk upstairs to the bedroom, and resume watching right where you left off. And, when you add a FiOS DVR to your FiOS TV, you free yourself from just watching TV at home. Ordering a FiOS DVR with your FiOS TV subscription lets you watch your shows during a flight delay, on long bus or train rides, or even during your lunch break.

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