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Tighten Your Online Security with Frontier Secure

With over 17 million Americans reporting identity theft in 2014 according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, upping the precautions you take to protect your personal information can help you avoid becoming a hacker’s next victim. Because of the many ways your information can be exposed online, it is easy to feel overwhelmed about how to improve your Internet security. Frontier® Communications recognizes its customers’ anxiety about their online security and created Frontier Secure™, a software and service bundle that gives you all the tools you need to beef up your Internet security—all in one place.

Frontier Secure not only helps you maintain your online security, but also offers access to damage protection for all your devices as well. Get online and physical device protection with Frontier Secure and leave your worries behind.

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Increase Your Electronic Device Security

Your electronic devices are your most crucial security point. They are filled with valuable information about you, like addresses and bank accounts, that can be used against you if your devices ever get hacked or lost. So when you bolster your device security you also increase your physical security. With Frontier Secure, you get access to tools like Frontier’s password manager, secure digital cloud storage, anti-virus software,and device protection. Never let your devices go unprotected again with Frontier Secure.

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Get Damage Protection for Your Electronic Devices

Frontier’s device protection plan will quickly help you replace your broken devices. You’ll never lose access to important personal information again because of a damaged electronic device. You can rest easy knowing that your personal devices are physically secure with Frontier’s device protection.

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Cover All Your Devices from the Risk of Damage

If you and your family each use several personal electronic devices, your risk for any one of those devices getting damaged becomes higher. Frontier’s multi-device protection plan will help you repair or replace your damaged electronic devices including computers, laptops, and e-readers. Frontier does not extend damage coverage to smartphones at the moment. Keep all your electronic devices in working order with Frontier’s Multi-device protection plan.

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