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Vantage Internet by Frontier: Speeds for Any Need

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Frontier: Your Home Internet Provider

Vantage™ Internet by Frontier® delivers incredible speeds using the latest technologies. You get Internet speeds that keep up with your online life, and No Data Caps*. That’s right, No Data Caps, so you can game and stream without worrying about running out of data.

Speaking of Wi-Fi, you’ll save on your mobile phone data plan with Vantage Internet by Frontier and our Wi-Fi router.

Vantage Internet Service

Vantage Internet by Frontier offers all the benefits of Internet service at an affordable price. You get a fast Internet connection, and wireless networking capability that allows you to easily connect several computers safely and securely.

Connect today with Vantage Internet, and stop worrying about bandwidth for all your online activities.

Vantage Premium Internet

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Terms & Conditions

    Max speeds as fast as 115 Mbps

Vantage Internet + Vantage Voice Unlimited

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Terms & Conditions

  • Max speeds as fast as 6 Mbps download
  • Unlimited nationwide calling

Vantage Preferred Internet + Vantage TV Prime

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Terms & Conditions

  • Max speeds as fast as 25 Mbps
  • 300+ channels
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Internet Service that Works For You, Wherever You Are

Fast, network-ready Internet service makes it possible to game, stream, shop online, and more without interruption. There is little lag time, meaning movies and TV shows on Netflix®, Hulu®, Amazon® Prime load quickly and clearly. For gamers, fast and network-ready Internet service means there isn’t a pause for the game to load when you’re about to beat a level.

But quality Internet service is more than being able to game and stream online. The Internet is used for shopping, uploading homework assignments, communicating with clients and coworkers, and much more. And with wireless Internet service, you’re no longer confined to one room with one computer. Frontier has wireless networking capability that allows you to easily connect several computers safely and securely so you can access the Internet while lounging on the couch, sitting at the kitchen table, or hanging out in the basement.

Why Internet Speed Matters

Internet speed is how long it takes data packets to get from a server to your Internet-connected device. This is most noticeable when streaming movies and TV shows, and gaming online. Your gaming console has to communicate with the gaming servers hundreds of miles away, and the faster your Internet speed, the quicker that data exchange takes place.

A fast, network-ready Internet speed means clear TVs and movies, and game characters that respond immediately to your controller.

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