The Most Popular Etsy Shop Based in Each State

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A unique gift is hard to find. The modern consumer’s interest in creative products does not appear to be waning over the past years, and thanks to the digital age and two-day shipping, most tend to look online for what they’re after nowadays. And the events of the past year that have landed many at home most of the time have only amped up online shopping sprees. And why not? Admittedly amidst the World Wide Web, specialty gifts are much easier to find with a good internet connection than they used to be.

Another perk of the age of internet shopping: opening the gates nice and wide for independent makers and small business owners to sell their goods and services to a significantly larger customer base. Most notable among specific sites that businesses can list their items for sale on is Etsy, an online retail community platform that connects sellers with buyers looking for specialty and distinctive items. Researchers from set out to find the most popular Etsy shop based in each state, so take note. You may just find your next favorite purchase.

An infographic that lists the most popular Etsy store based in each State

Points of Interest

During our search for each state’s most popular Etsy shop, we discovered some intriguing data:

  • According to Marketplace Pulse (United States, Marketplace Pulse; June2020), 14% of Etsy sellers are located in the state of California.
  • The spread of Etsy’s top-rated shops featured a total of:
    • 17,087 sales
    • 2,091 reviews
    • 3,446 admirers
    • 147 store items
  • In other words:
    • For every 8 sales, stores received a review.
    • For every 5 sales, each item had gained an admirer.
    • Every item listed in their Etsy shop garnered approximately 23 admirers.
  • In 2019, Etsy sellers:
    • Contributed $6.6 billion to the US economy.
    • Created 1.7 million jobs in the independent worker economy.
    • Generated more than $2 billion in income.
    • Produced $3.45 billion in additional economic value.

Why You Should Support Small and Local Businesses

Small businesses have a history of being the backbone of local communities. In today’s economic atmosphere, it’s more important than ever to shop from such businesses; your patronage is worth much more than you think to them.

In addition to Etsy, here are a few small businesses that sell an eclectic and highly entertaining selection of goods:

  • Apollo Box
  • Uncommon Goods
  • Always Fits
  • The Grommet
  • Frostbeard Studio Candles
  • Terrain
  • Maia Gifts

So why not just take a minute or two and do some research to see if what you’re after can be found on Etsy or another small online retailer. Not only will you encounter scores of handcrafted and unique items for sale—you’ll also help a small business owner who relies on customers like you to make ends meet. When in doubt, check them out, and remember: small and local do it best.

Methodology analyzed 500 Etsy shops to determine the most popular one based in each state. For each shop, we took into account those with at least 500 reviews, 5 stars, and 2,000 or more sales. To avoid the disadvantage of some shops having more reviews and sales than others, we also focused on the number of sales per review, and the number of admirers per item. We then normalized the numbers to an average scale of 0-1. is an online authorized seller of Frontier Communications. Please direct all media inquiries to