Game Over: Video Game Dream Job Winners Announced!

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Thousands of applicants shared their gaming adventures with our team in the hopes of being chosen for our Video Game Dream Job. Narrowing them down to just two pairs of friends was no easy feat, but just like those who agreed to play 21 hours of video games, we were up for the challenge. 

After sorting through videos, essays, and tales of RPGs gone wild, we’re happy to share the duos who will take on 21 hours of gaming for $2,000 per pair.

Our Daring Duos

Our first pair of friends are Jean and Anthony, video game enthusiasts from Florida. Jean is a software specialist and content creator who has been playing video games since the original Nintendo console came out in the ʼ90s. Anthony is a firefighter and content creator who started his love of video games with the SEGA Saturn at the age of four. Jean and Anthony consider each other brothers, and we can’t wait to see the retro games that they choose to play for this challenge. Stay up to date on their gaming extravaganza on Twitter by following @Obeezylive for Jean and @ThatBlackBeta for Anthony!

Our second pair is Fernando and Aaliyah, a long-distance couple of four years who met because of their shared love of video games. This courageous couple loves to play Fortnite together because they can help each other rank up and send in-game gifts. With their shared $2,000 from this dream job, they hope to meet each other in person for the first time—talk about romance!

The Results

Jean chose to spend his solo time playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Donkey Kong Country while Anthony preferred a variety of Nintendo games from Zelda to Super Punch-Out. Together, they dove into Call of Duty: Warzone and chose Discord to chat with each other while they played. Both players preferred online gameplay (as opposed to playing alone, offline) because it adds an extra level of excitement and helps the time fly by. 

Though Jean considers himself to be a better player at 30 than he was at 8, he found the retro games he played alone to be more difficult than he remembered. “I played Donkey Kong Country when I was a child and the game is as fun as I remember. For some reason, it feels to be a lot more difficult replaying it as an adult…I presume it’s the old mechanics of retro games. The timing of when you do things sometimes does not feel as responsive compared to modern-day games.”

Aaliyah and Fernando also used Discord to chat while they played Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Kart 8, Fortnite, Pokémon Unite, and Kirby Super Star together. Naturally, the couple preferred online gameplay rather than offline gameplay—it is how they met!

Out of the retro games they chose to play, Kirby Super Star was their favorite trip down memory lane. Aaliyah, in particular, said, “It’s a very nice looking game too! Getting to admire the small details the developers put in as you played was a treat for sure.”

Stay tuned to find out how much our winners enjoyed playing their gifted Nintendo games, whether they preferred online or offline gaming, and how to level-up your gaming experience.

Thank you, once again, to all who applied—we definitely learned a thing or two that we’ll take into our next game.

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