Introducing Fiber Internet

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Fast internet just got even faster with Frontier Fiber 2 Gig Internet – featuring our most advanced WiFi ever! Now you can get your daily dose of fiber while you browse the web with minimal interference and upload and download speeds of 2 gigabits per second (Gbps). With several fiber internet plans to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one you love. Let’s further explore what fiber internet is, a few of its benefits, and how you can get signed up today.

What is fiber internet?

Fiber internet uses a fiber-optic connection that can harness the power of light to deliver breakthrough performance. The light beams are pushed down thin glass strands arranged in bundles called optical cables. Fiber internet brings you a fast connection by pulling light from one end of the cable to the other with minimal interference.

What are the benefits of fiber internet?

With fiber internet, you no longer have to worry about the quality of your wired connection. Fiber internet is one of the fastest and most innovative ways to get online and comes with several benefits.  

Superfast download/upload speeds

Equal or near-equal download and upload speeds mean you can do more at once. From streaming to gaming to downloading large files, your connection will remain strong and provide fast download and upload speeds simultaneously.

No data caps

Frontier Fiber Internet allows you to browse the internet without data limitations. Stream, surf, and game all you want with no fear of your data running out or extra charges, which means there’s room for endless browsing and entertainment! 

Price guarantee on monthly service fee

We offer great service at affordable rates allowing you to shop with confidence. With Frontier Fiber Gig Service, your monthly rate on internet service won’t go up in price for 36 months. 

Frontier Fiber Internet plans

At Frontier, we understand that no internet user is the same. That’s why we offer a variety of fiber internet plans including Fiber 2 Gig, Fiber Gig Service, and Fiber 500 Mbps. Learn more about Frontier Fiber Internet here.


Do I qualify for fiber internet?


You might! Fiber internet is growing, but it’s not available everywhere yet. To see if Frontier’s Fiber Internet plans are available in your area click here.

What does fiber internet mean?


Fiber internet means fast upload and download speeds for streaming, gaming, online learning, and more. Fiber-optic technology pushes light beams through thin glass strands arranged in bundles called optical cables. Light is then channeled from one end of the cable to the other delivering a seamless connection. That means you can enjoy better connectivity to the things that matter most.

How does fiber compare to other internet?


Compared to other types of connections, fiber internet doesn’t use an electric current or traditional copper wiring. Its robust architecture maintains its signal strength and minimizes interference allowing for many users to be connected at the same time while delivering fast upload and download speeds simultaneously. To order, call 1-833-945-3943.

Exclusive offer for qualified addresses. For new residential Internet customers only. Max speed capable range for 500 Mbps (450-500 Mbps download/upload), Gig Service (846-940 Mbps download, 792-880 Mbps upload), 2 Gig (1800-2000 Mbps download/upload) and requires 2 Gbps capable devices and wiring. Performance details: Subject to availability. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other restrictions, Frontier policies and service terms apply.