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YouTube: a hotbed for all of the internet’s latest trends. Whether it’s a video of a parent telling their kids they ate their Halloween candy or a flash mob set to the beat of “Despacito,” people are watching. On average, people watch nearly 5 billion YouTube videos every single day—you heard that right: day. 

Between craft tutorials, music videos, and lullabies, there’s something for everyone on YouTube (even if that someone is a baby). With its free access, user-friendly interface, and library chock-full of hours worth of content, YouTube is total entertainment—whether you’re killing time on a seven hour flight or sweating bullets to a workout tutorial.

Fussy kids? Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes has you covered. Not sure how to do a smokey eye? James Charles can show you how.  

So, who’s the most popular YouTuber of them all? We found the most-viewed YouTube channels with the highest number of subscribers, so you can see who gets the most thumbs up (literally) from people in your ZIP code. 

Interesting Findings 

  • The most popular YouTuber across all states was a tie between Bright Side and WWE (World Wrestling Channel). Bright Side answers all your burning questions like why did the Titanic sink? Or, what would happen if you opened a window on an airplane? Meanwhile WWE offers smackdowns and backbreakers too gnarly for anyone to look away.  
  • PewDiePie, the Swedish comedian extraordinaire, has the most subscribers of any YouTuber. He currently sits at 102 million subscribers, which is more than the population of most countries. Think we’re kidding? Only 13 countries in the world currently have a higher population than 102 million.  
  • Did you know? Three former PayPal employees teamed up and founded YouTube on Valentine’s Day in 2005 (guess they didn’t have enough love for PayPal).
  • Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes has the highest number of overall page views of any YouTube channel. Despite having only 476 videos, the channel has almost 44 billion views. That averages out to out 92 million views per video—which checks out: one study found that 13% of preschool-aged children watch over 2 hours of screen time each day. 
  • Think YouTube owns YouTube? Think again. Google bought the company in 2006 for an astounding $1.65 billion
  • Massachusetts and Pennsylvania can’t seem to get enough of The Ellen Show. Separate from the earnings the show makes from its daytime airing, its YouTube channel alone, TheEllenShow, brings in about $17.5 million each year. While Dory tells us to “just keep swimming,” the team at the Ellen Show is swimming in cash.
  • Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas are all big on the channel 5-Minute Crafts. As it turns out, 62.1 million people are a fan of glitter pop sticks and DIY smart hacks. That makes 5-Minute Crafts the channel with the third highest number of subscribers atop our list.    


We found the top 15 US non-music YouTube channels based on each channel’s total number of subscribers. We then looked at YouTube search data to determine which YouTuber each state was searching for the most. 

Watch on Repeat 

Bundle up with a blanket and strong internet so you can stream the best YouTube channels all day long. Whether you’re watching a movie clip, learning how to bake a cake, or bopping along to a nursery rhyme, YouTube has content sure to please a toddler or adult. 

ArizonaBillion Surprise Toys
CaliforniaVlad and Nikita
ColoradoBillion Surprise Toys
ConnecticutBright Side
Georgia5-Minute Crafts
IdahoDude Perfect
IndianaBillion Surprise Toys
KansasBright Side
MarylandBright Side
Michigan5-Minute Crafts
MinnesotaBright Side
MissouriBillion Surprise Toys
NevadaBright Side
New HampshireBright Side
New JerseyYoutube
New MexicoMovieclips
New YorkWWE
North Carolina5-Minute Crafts
North DakotaMrBeast
Ohio5-Minute Crafts
OregonBillion Surprise Toys
Rhode IslandWWE
South CarolinaWWE
South DakotaMrBeast
Texas5-Minute Crafts
UtahDude Perfect
VirginiaBright Side
WashingtonBright Side
West VirginiaMrBeast

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