It’s that time of year again—the leaves are changing, pumpkin spice lattes abound, ghosts and ghouls are popping up on porches, and we report what your state’s favorite horror villain is for the second time. We are ready to get our cozy on and thrill ourselves with a good scare, whether it’s by wandering through a haunted corn maze or streaming a good old fashioned horror fest. 

Villains like Jack Torrence and Chucky have been scaring us for more than two decades. And not only in our homes but in our google searches too. So what’s your state’s most googled horror movie villain for this year? Keep reading to see who should be creeping you out.

Scary but True: Facts about Popular Horror Movies 

  • In Psycho, the all-strings musical score that saw the death of Marion Crane is aptly named “Screaming Violins.”
  • While the original It, Carrie, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre came out pre-2000, all have been remade in the last decade.
  • Halloween is set in Illinois, but the real Haddonfield is in New Jersey, where producer Debra Hill is from. 
  • It’s been almost six decades since Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous movie Psycho came out. Back then, it had such an alarming effect on the audience that one angry father wrote to Hitchcock saying his daughter refused to take showers after seeing it. To which Hitchcock dryly replied, “send her to the dry cleaners.” 
  • Real-life killer Ed Gein is from Wisconsin, but the muse for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho was most searched for only in Texas. 
  • Jack Torrance peaks as the most searched movie villain in a whopping ten states. 
  • Bangor, Maine, was the only US location used for the 2017 remake of It and coincidentally, is also where author Stephen King resides. The rest of It was filmed in Canada. 
  • Frankenstein’s Monster is the product of bored friends driven indoors by copious amounts of rain. A daily group reading of ghostly tales led to the idea of a competition to see who could write the best ghost story. Mary Shelley won. 
  • One of the most grossly misquoted movie lines comes from Silence of the Lambs. Fans often think the line is “Hello, Clarice.” However, that’s incorrect. You’re thinking of Dwight Schrute. Scriptwriter Ted Tally actually wrote, “Good evening, Clarice.” 
  • Aliens were the top horror villains in Alaska and Washington, which are among the top five states for unexplained UFO sightings. 
StateHorror Movie Villain
New MexicoChucky
HawaiiCount Dracula
ConnecticutFrankenstein's Monster
DelawareFrankenstein's Monster
MassachusettsFrankenstein's Monster
New JerseyFrankenstein's Monster
North CarolinaFrankenstein's Monster
South CarolinaFrankenstein's Monster
West VirginiaFreddy Krueger
FloridaHannibal Lecter
MinnesotaHannibal Lecter
MontanaHannibal Lecter
New HampshireHannibal Lecter
OklahomaHannibal Lecter
ArizonaJack Torrance
ColoradoJack Torrance
MichiganJack Torrance
MissouriJack Torrance
NebraskaJack Torrance
New YorkJack Torrance
OregonJack Torrance
PennsylvaniaJack Torrance
TennesseeJack Torrance
WisconsinJack Torrance
Rhode IslandNorman Bates
South DakotaNorman Bates
North DakotaPennywise


We selected 12 popular villains from classic, pre-2000 horror movies and used Google Trends to analyze their search volume in the last 12 months.

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