The Most Searched Mom-Related Terms in 2019


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Celebrating Mom: Your State’s Most Popular Mom-Related Searches

Today’s moms are a pretty impressive group. They work in the home, start careers, study for degrees, and love their kids. As the next generation continues to enter motherhood this Mother’s Day—in fact, Millennial moms accounted for 82% of births in 2016—the team at wanted to celebrate Mom with a modern twist: a tongue-in-cheek look at the most popular mom-related searches in each state.

From the hyper-relatable “Working Mother” to the hyper-quippy “Yo Mama Jokes,” we found out what’s been on your neighbors’ minds. So as you’re browsing online for the perfect gift or arranging the loveliest hand-picked bouquet, get some Mother’s Day inspo with each state’s #1 mom-related Google search.




Data Highlights

Game of Thrones is known for its fierce mamas. Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Washington, and West Virginia residents searched most for “Mother of Dragons”—a nod to the Queen of the Andals herself, Daenerys Targaryen.

Despite the existence of over 4 million mommy blogs, Minnesota was the only state with “Mom Blog” as its top search term.

“Working Mother” was searched for most in Connecticut, Maryland, and New York. It may come as no surprise to these residents that the Labor Force Participation Rate for US women with children under age 18 was 71.1 percent in 2017.

Arkansas is the only state with “Single Mom” as its top search query. The Land of Opportunity has the eleventh highest percentage of households led by single mothers.

“Breastfeeding” was the top-searched mom-related term in the US (eight states), followed by “Mom Tattoo” (six states) and “Mommy Makeover” (five states).



The team at looked at Google search data from the 5-year period between April 2014 and April 2019 to find the top-searched mom-related terms for each state in the US.


All states and their most-searched-for mom terms:

Alabama – Pregnancy Symptoms

Alaska – Breastfeeding

Arizona – Mommy Makeover

Arkansas – Single Mom

California – Mom Fails

Colorado – Mother’s Day Breakfast

Connecticut – Working Mother

Delaware – Breastfeeding

District of Columbia – Maternity Leave

Florida – Mother’s Day Breakfast

Georgia – Pregnancy Cravings

Hawaii – Breastfeeding

Idaho – Breastfeeding

Illinois – Mom Tattoo

Indiana – Mom Vacation

Iowa – Yo Mama Jokes

Kansas – Breastfeeding

Kentucky – Mom Vacation

Louisiana – Pregnancy Cravings

Maine – Breastfeeding

Maryland – Working Mother

Massachusetts – Helicopter Mom

Michigan – Mom Tattoo

Minnesota – Mom Blog

Mississippi – Stepmom

Missouri – Mom Tattoo

Montana – Breastfeeding

Nebraska – Mommy Makeover

Nevada – Mother’s Day Breakfast

New Hampshire – Mother of Dragons

New Jersey – Maternity Leave

New Mexico – Mommy Makeover

New York – Working Mother

North Carolina – Mom Bod

North Dakota – Breastfeeding

Ohio – #1 Mom

Oklahoma – Mom Tattoo

Oregon – Fit Pregnancy

Pennsylvania – Mom Tattoo

Rhode Island – Mother of Dragons

South Carolina – Yo Mama Jokes

South Dakota – Yo Mama Jokes

Tennessee – Pregnancy Cravings

Texas – Mommy Makeover

Utah – Mommy Makeover

Vermont – Mom Jeans

Virginia – Mom Tattoo

Washington – Mother of Dragons

West Virginia – Mother of Dragons

Wisconsin – Mother’s Day Breakfast

Wyoming – Yo Mama Jokes


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