There are a few Valentine’s Day gift staples that steal the show every year: chocolate, flowers, and jewelry. But some people don’t stop at candy, roses, and ice when it comes to showering their loved ones with affection.

This year, a fancy dinner reservation for two may be out of the question, and a Zoom date, movie marathon, or video game night might be the safest bets—but luckily, COVID doesn’t stop you from showering your loved ones with gifts.

Sure, a large share of Americans will pick up a $4.99 box of chocolates and call it a day. Others treat the Hallmark holiday as a second Christmas or Hanukkah and plan a gift, meal, and trip. To find out how much people really spend on Valentine’s Day—and what they buy—the team at Frontier Bundles surveyed 1,000 people and analyzed Americans’ Google search habits.

According to our findings, male respondents spend more than female respondents on Valentine’s gifts, and engaged respondents spend significantly more than everyone else on gifts. As predicted, desserts, roses, and jewelry remain people’s favorite go-tos for Valentine’s Day gifts—but gift cards climbed their way up the ranks this year as well.

A map of the United States that shows which Valentine's Day Gift is the most-searched in each state.
An infographic shows statistics from the survey findings

Interesting Stats

  • According to our findings, the most-popular Valentine’s Day gifts each year are desserts, roses, and jewelry. This year, consumers are expected to spend a whopping $2.4 billion on chocolate and candy sales alone. Roses seem to be the preferred flower pick each year. In 2019, sales of roses made up 84% of total flower sales. As for jewelry, experts estimate that people will shell out $5.8 billion this year.
  • Even Hallmark holiday haters contribute to the season’s earnings. In 2020, 8% of people 25–34 purchased anti-Valentine’s gifts, while 7% of people 35–44 did the same.  Anti-Valentine’s Day, which begins on February 15th, celebrates singledom, breakups, and just about everything opposite of Valentine’s Day. Anti-Valentine’s Day gifts look no different than traditional gifts—they just usually come embroidered with a snarky message.
  • 75% of respondents report spending up to $99 each year on Valentine’s Day meals— but we would’ve guessed that number would be higher. Bookings for upscale restaurants increase by 228% on Valentine’s Day (with Italian being the go-to cuisine for the occasion).  
  • Engaged respondents spend more on Valentine’s Day gifts than any other population of respondents—and it doesn’t seem like engaged Americans are going to change their soon-to-be status anytime soon. In 2020, 63% of engaged couples postponed their weddings.
  • Gifts and meals aside, 63% of respondents have spent up to 199 bucks on Valentine’s vacation and travel plans in the past. Whether or not people end up traveling for the day of love this year, 45,000 social media conversations discuss 2021 Valentine’s travel plans—70% of that travel talk indicating domestic travel.
  • 68% of respondents celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th—even if Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday.
ArizonaGift cards
CaliforniaGift cards
ColoradoGift cards
ConnecticutHome goods
DelawareGift cards
District of ColumbiaFlowers
FloridaHome goods
GeorgiaGift cards
IllinoisGift cards
MarylandHome goods
MassachusettsGift cards
MichiganGift cards
MinnesotaGift cards
MissouriGift cards
NevadaGift cards
New HampshireGift cards
New JerseyHome goods
New MexicoFlowers
New YorkClothing/shoes
North CarolinaFlowers
North DakotaClothing/shoes
OhioGift cards
PennsylvaniaGift cards
Rhode IslandGift cards
South CarolinaFlowers
South DakotaFlowers
VirginiaGift cards
WashingtonGift cards
West VirginiaFlowers
WisconsinGift cards


We surveyed 1,000 respondents to learn about Americans’ Valentine’s Day spending habits and which Valentine’s Day gifts they plan to purchase in 2021.

We then analyzed Google Trends data between January and February from the past five years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020) to predict each state’s most-searched gift for 2021’s Valentine’s season. is an online authorized reseller of Frontier. Please direct all media inquiries to