Due to the overwhelming interest in this contest, the Frontier team decided to expand the number of winners from ONE to SIX!

That’s right!

We will pay SIX lucky winners $1,000 to give up their smartphones for a full week.

We will notify the winners on 7/19/19.

Here it is! Your chance to go back to the ’90s. Right on the heels of the 30th anniversary of the first folding phone, the team at FrontierBundles.com wants you to use a flip phone. For one whole week. With no cheating.

That’s right. We’re looking for one brave soul to willingly give up their smartphone for a full seven days in favor of a flip phone. The madness! We know. That’s why we want to see what happens. How did you sleep? Were you more or less productive? How long did things take? Did it feel like you went back in time?

You tell us, and we’ll pay one lucky winner $1,000 and give them a handy-dandy survival kit to keep them going. With this much throwback, you might even be tempted to tweeze your eyebrows or bleach your tips by the end. We won’t blame you.

Who we’re looking for

Calling all smartphone addicts, social media experts, and tech geeks! We’re looking for one of you. Our ideal candidate (and our lucky winner) will be a self-proclaimed smartphone fiend who’s always up to date on the latest tech news. They’ll be organized, detail-oriented, and willing to persevere (through a smartphone-less week)!

The more you use a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device in your daily life, the better. Bonus points go to applicants who have an active social presence or are willing to vlog their experience. No degree is necessary, but you must be 18 or over and a US citizen or permanent resident to participate. We will choose one person for this courageous task.

What you’ll be doing (AKA your responsibilities)

If you’re the person we choose, you’ll be responsible for using a flip phone in place of your smartphone for seven full days (that’s 168 hours!), and we want you to log your experience. We’ll have you track (don’t worry, your info stays safe with us!) how long it takes you to do basic tasks such as texting and checking email, how many times you wish you could Google something, how many hours you slept, how your productivity changed (or didn’t!), and even if you were late to appointments (after all, how does anyone get around without Google Maps?). Was your experience #TheWorstThingEver? Did you find new freedom? Either way, we want to hear about it.

What’s in it for you

  • $1,000 in compensation
  • Boredom Buster Swag Bag (i.e. your survival kit) including:        
    • An actual, physical map (yes, those still exist!) to make up for your GPS.
    • A pocket phonebook, because who memorizes numbers anymore?
    • A notepad and pen to make grocery trips a little less painful.
    • A couple ’90s CDs (think Britney and NSYNC) to soothe your Spotify withdrawals.
  • Remote work environment as you earn your $1,000—no heading to an office at 8am for this job!
  • No drug testing or background check required.
  • A unique social experiment and a chance to go back in time . . . or, well, something like that.

How to apply

You in? Fill out the form below and explain (in about 200 words) why you’d be THE person for the job. We’d love to see a video submission as well, but it’s not required. Point us to anything relevant that would make you the perfect fit, and share what you hope to gain from this experience. We will choose one applicant to particpate in the challenge. This is your time to shine, so don’t hold back. Give us your best pitch. 

Note: If you have any questions or issues with the submission form, please email media@frontierbundles.com and we will reply within 24-hours.


The lucky winner will be notified via email by July 19th. Good luck, you!

At the end of the day

Your goal is to help us understand how much we rely on smartphones and how that affects day-to-day life. (Our hypothesis? A lot.) After all, the average American sends and receives 94 texts per day.

If you’re the winner we select, we’ll send you detailed guidelines and tips for tracking your week with a flip phone—with plenty of license to unleash your creativity. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Please direct all media inquires to javier.mendoza@ftr.com

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