Your State’s Favorite Tom Cruise Movie


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Tom Cruise has starred in dozens of films since his big screen debut in 1981 and shows no sign of slowing down. With the upcoming July 28 release of Mission: ImpossibleFallout, the team at Frontier Bundles became nostalgic for Cruise classics such as Top Gun and Jerry Maguire. We analyzed Tom Cruise’s biggest hits, the ones with the highest lifetime gross earnings, and uncovered each state’s most popular Tom Cruise movie.

Let’s have a look:

Interesting Data Highlights

Top Gun tops the list with 13 states searching for it the most. Is that due to the announcement of Top Gun: Maverick, scheduled to come out on July 12, 2019, or because we all, “feel the need….the need for speed”? Hard to tell.

Know what else? Nebraska searched for Top Gun more than any other state.

Speaking of Top Gun and pre-2000 Tom Cruise movies, six others are popular in 23 states:

  • A Few Good Men
  • Rain Man
  • Interview with a Vampire
  • Jerry Maguire
  • Mission:Impossible
  • The Firm

Hard to believe the first Mission: Impossible movie came out in 1996! Only Wisconsin searched for it the most, though, while the District of Columbia was most interested in Jerry Maguire. The District of Columbia, along with Utah and Wyoming, must love Cruise movies as they searched for them the most.

Turns out Cruise isn’t as popular in the state of Alabama. Of all the states, it had the lowest search volume. Either it’s unimpressed with his movie canon, or people in Alabama just aren’t interested in Cruise movies.

Here’s the full list of popular Cruise movies by state:

State Movie
Alabama The Mummy
Alaska Jack Reacher
Arizona Top Gun
Arkansas Top Gun
California Minority Report
Colorado Top Gun
Connecticut M:I 2
Delaware M:I 4 Ghost Protocol
District of Columbia Jerry Maguire
Florida Top Gun
Georgia Minority Report
Hawaii The Last Samurai
Idaho Knight and Day
Illinois Minority Report
Indiana A Few Good Men
Iowa Top Gun
Kansas M:I 5 Rogue Nation
Kentucky Knight and Day
Louisiana Interview with the Vampire
Maine Minority Report
Maryland M:I 2
Massachusetts A Few Good Men
Michigan Top Gun
Minnesota The Firm
Mississippi Rain Man
Missouri Top Gun
Montana Oblivion
Nebraska Top Gun
Nevada The Mummy
New Hampshire Minority Report
New Jersey Minority Report
New Mexico Oblivion
New York Oblivion
North Carolina Top Gun
North Dakota Top Gun
Ohio Rain Man
Oklahoma M:I 2
Oregon Minority Report
Pennsylvania A Few Good Men
Rhode Island M:I 3
South Carolina Top Gun
South Dakota War of the Worlds
Tennessee Top Gun
Texas Top Gun
Utah The Mummy
Vermont Rain Man
Virginia M:I 5 Rogue Nation
Washington M:I 2
West Virginia Oblivion
Wisconsin M:I
Wyoming Edge of Tomorrow


We looked at the lifetime gross earnings worldwide of all of Tom Cruise’s movies to narrow in on 20 of his most successful films. We only included films where Tom Cruise was the lead actor.

From there, we analyzed Google Trends data from the past year for each movie, broken down geographically by state. This identified the films with the highest search volume and allowed us to identify the relative popularity of each in each state.

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