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Online Streaming for TV, Movies, and Music

Blazing-fast Frontier FiOS Internet means you can stream 4K content on your TV and still have bandwidth to watch YouTube videos on your phone over WiFi, eliminating the need to use cellular data in your home.

TV Streaming Your Way

TV streaming with FiOS® from Frontier® is simple. The FiOS TV remote lets you access Netflix® with the touch of button. You can start streaming TV online faster since you don’t have to switch inputs, devices, and controllers.

Roommates always using the TV for streaming? No problem! The FrontierTV app lets you watch live TV, On Demand content, and more, from your mobile device. The app is included with your Frontier service, so simply download it to your iOS or Android device, log in with your Frontier credentials, and start streaming your TV shows.

FiOS TV by Frontier isn’t limited to TV streaming, either. FiOS Internet by Frontier gives you the bandwidth you need for streaming TV online on your smartphone or tablet over WiFi without using cellular data in your home.

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Stream Movies Online in 4K with Frontier FiOS

Netflix. Hulu®. Amazon® Prime. With more than 150,000 On Demand titles available, the options to stream movies online are nearly limitless. What you need to watch them all is the bandwidth to support video streaming.

Frontier FiOS gives you the bandwidth for video streaming, even in 4K. Streaming movies online in 4K requires more bandwidth to reliably deliver four times the number of pixels as standard HD. So unlike cable, FiOS provides a 100% Fiber Optic Network to your home. This means that you get upload speeds as fast as download speeds, so there is less lag time and your video streaming picture remains clear from the opening credits to the last frame.

Get Your Online Music Streaming Groove On

Online streaming isn’t limited to movies and TV shows. There’s online music streaming, too, with services like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.

Frontier FiOS Internet has No Data Caps* so you can build and share playlists, listen to the latest hits, and more, without worrying about going over your data limit. You also have enough bandwidth for online music streaming, gaming, and more. No network is better equipped than FiOS to support multiple devices and users simultaneously.

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