This Just In: Flip Phone Challenge Winners Chosen!

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The wait is over. After reviewing more than 68,000 online submissions (indeed, a small village’s worth!), the team at—an online authorized reseller for Frontier Communications—has selected our Flip Phone Challenge winners.

We were so impressed by the overwhelming response that we chose (drum roll, please…) not just one, but SIX, lucky winners. Congratulations to our 2019 Flip Phone Challenge winners, who were notified and confirmed their participation this week! Check back soon to learn more about the winners.

These six participants will each earn $1,000 by exchanging their smartphone for a ’90s-esque flip phone for one full week and sharing their experience with us—the joys, challenges, tears(?!) and all. For more information about their brave undertaking, check out our contest page.

A huge THANK YOU to each person who applied! We were blown away by your thoughtful, engaged, hilarious submissions. 

And for all you Friends buffs (wink), stay tuned for our latest dream job opportunity, coming soon. 

Media can contact with any questions.