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Frontier Speed Test: How Fast is Your Internet?

Test your signal strength to see where you stand.

Using the Frontier Internet Speed Test Tool

Test your internet speed by selecting a Frontier location within the interactive broadband speed test tool. The tool will determine your connection speed by measuring how long it takes to communicate with your selected test location.

For the most accurate results:

Before testing:

  • Turn off any VPN or backup services.
  • Turn off streaming services for all devices including phones, tablets, smart TVs.
  • Run the speed test from a computer that’s wired to a router.

Check Frontier availability in your area.

illustration of a router releasing a wifi signal

DIY Tips to Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Internet Connection

Here are a few things you can do at home to boost your current connection.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi on devices not in current use, so they don’t suck up your bandwidth.
  • If your router is on the ground, move it to a higher position.
  • Place your router closer to the middle of the room to broaden the signal.
internet speed router

How Your Router Impacts Internet Speed

Router antennas work like umbrellas—the higher it is, the more coverage you get underneath. And the fewer the obstructions around your router, the less it has to work to acquire and maintain a strong signal.

A Wi-Fi router is included with all Frontier internet plans and is optimized to perform on Frontier’s network.

fiber optic illustration

Internet Wiring and Your Home

Depending on your location, your internet connection may be delivered to your home using different types of wiring. Either copper-based or fiber-optic cable are the two most likely options.

Copper cables use electrical signals while fiber-optic technology uses pulses of light to transmit data. Some of the advantages of fiber-optics include high-bandwidth capabilities as well as resistance to weather and electromagnetic interference.

In select areas where available, Frontier FiberOptic internet is delivered over a 100% fiber-optic network to your home. With incredible speeds in both directions for uploads as well as downloads, you can both backup large files to the cloud and stream videos with ease.