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Frontier Vantage Internet

Vantage Internet Service:
Network-ready and Fast

Vantage by Frontier® offers Internet speed and connectivity at an affordable price. Whether you’re streaming the latest 4K movies and TV shows, gaming online, or searching for the best deals, you can do it all with Vantage Internet service.

Vantage uses the latest technologies to bring you speeds as fast as 115 Mbps for Vantage Internet, and as fast as 1G* for Vantage Fiber where available. And by choosing Vantage, you can enjoy a variety of perks.

Top Cities with Vantage Fiber Internet
Frontier Package

Vantage TV by Frontier:
HD Channel Options

Vantage TV by Frontier puts TV service at your fingertips. Its next generation enhanced visual search delivers real-time results across live TV, On Demand, and DVR recordings. You can search by program name, actor or actress, and other keywords. And with its channel shortcuts, you can see what’s next without changing the channel.

Vantage TV by Frontier also has something for everyone. Even with conveniences like the Frontier TV Everywhere app, the freedom to record up to 170 hours of HD content, and the ability to pause, fast-forward, and rewind live television on up to eight TVs in the house, there are still plenty of other benefits:

  • Netflix® integration**
  • Whole Home DVR
  • On-demand library with over 20,000 movies and shows
Frontier Vantage Phone

Vantage Phone:
Connect and Communicate

As Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, Vantage leverages your Internet connection instead of cell towers so your calls remain clear and are less likely to drop or cut out. With Vantage phone service, you also get benefits like:

  • Block robocalls
  • Set up Do Not Disturb times
  • Trace, screen, and reject calls
Vantage TV by Frontier, Internet & Phone Plans

Vantage TV by Frontier, Internet & Phone Plans

Why settle for only the benefits of just one Vantage service when you can bundle. Whether you want Internet and phone service, or you want to take advantage of all that Internet and Vantage TV by Frontier have to offer, there’s a bundle for you. Want more? No problem! Get a Vantage triple play that includes Internet, phone, and Vantage TV by Frontier with more than 390 channels so you won’t miss a thing.

Call to see if Vantage is available in your area. 1-855-641-8993