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Watch TV Online with Media Streaming Devices

Your Media Streaming Device Options

Media streaming devices used to be limited to gaming consoles, like the Xbox or PlayStation. With a gaming console, an Internet connection, and a Netflix® subscription, you were able to watch movies and TV shows without subscribing to cable TV. Now, there are a plethora of media streaming devices to choose from, including smart TVs, streaming sticks like Chromecast, and streaming boxes like Apple TV®.

The variety of TV streaming devices offers more ways to access and stream content. Netflix and Hulu may have lead the charge, but many networks today have their own streaming apps that are accessible from many devices. The question is less about what you want to watch and more about how easily and quickly you want to access your streaming media.

Network TV Streaming Apps

As TV streaming devices have gained popularity, many networks have created and launched their own TV streaming apps. Generally, the network TV streaming apps are free to download and available across multiple devices and platforms, like iOS and Android.

Network TV streaming apps do vary in terms of what what content you can access for free, and what content requires a TV subscription.

Frontier TV Apps Put Your Content in Your Pocket

Whether you have High-Speed Internet or Frontier FiberOptic Internet, you can watch TV online through Frontier’s free TV apps. Wherever you are, you can watch your favorite shows.

If you have Frontier FiberOptic, the Frontier TV app lets you access live programming and TV listings, watch On Demand movies and shows, and control your DVR settings from any Internet-connected device. Plus, the Frontier TV app is free with your Frontier subscription.

If you have High-Speed Internet and a DISH TV subscription, the DISH® TV Anywhere app lets you watch live news and sports broadcasts and 1000s of On Demand titles from any Internet-connected device. And with the DISH TV app, you can move your DVR recordings to your mobile device so you can catch up on your shows even when you have no Internet.