Frontier Dish TV Joey Receiver

Get the DISH Joey Receiver from Frontier

Wireless. 4K. Super. There’s a Joey receiver for every home.

How the DISH Joey Receiver Works

Generally, DISH® TV service has two parts: the TV, and the Hopper™ Whole-Home DVR. If you have only one TV in your house, you’re all set. But if you have more than one TV, you need a DISH Network Joey.

The DISH Joey acts like a receiver, picking up signals from the Hopper so you can watch your DISH TV in another room without another Hopper. In other words, DISH Joey receivers extend the capability of your Hopper to up to six TVs. If you don’t own your home, DISH Network Joeys let you enjoy your DISH TV without having to worry about drilling holes in the walls.

The Wireless Joey is Great for Outdoor Movie Nights!

The wireless Joey has all the features of the original Joey--except the cables. You can set up a DISH wireless Joey anywhere in your house, even outside. The wireless Joey doesn’t need a cable jack to connect to your Hopper, so you can set up a wireless Joey on your patio or in your backyard and still access your DISH TV programming.

If you want a drive-in movie experience without actually driving anywhere, a wireless Joey makes it possible. And with DISH TV’s wide-variety of On Demand content,and access to Netflix at the click of a button, you won’t run out of movies to watch.

Record up to 8 Channels at Once with a Super Joey

Have a family or live with roommates? Record a lot of TV to watch? Consider a Super Joey to get the most out of your DISH TV experience.

Not only does the DISH Super Joey let you record shows on up to eight channels at once, it also enhances the storage capacity of the DISH Hopper. With the Super Joey, you can store up to 2,000 hours of your favorite shows.

How can it record shows on up to eight channels at once? Good question. The answer is tuners, or a built-in device that receives digital signals that translate into what you see on your TV. The Hopper comes with three built-in digital receivers, and the Super Joey has two more. Factor in DISH’s PrimeTime Anytime feature, and you can record on up to eight channels at once.

Say goodbye to the days of fighting over what to watch and what to record with a Super Joey.

Get a 4K Joey for all your Ultra HD Content

The 4K Joey supports 4K or Ultra HD content and it is bluetooth compatible.

With a 4K Joey, you can watch Ultra HD TV shows and movies, and catch all those spectacular details that get lost in standard definition.

Its bluetooth compatibility means that you can connect other devices, like bluetooth headphones, so you can listen to your TV shows and movies as loud as you want without bothering anyone. Connect your bluetooth surround-sound system to the 4K Joey for those times when the whole family wants to enjoy a movie.

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