Here's How to Make the Most out of Your Wi-Fi Signal

Equipment such as Wi-Fi routers can make a big impact on the strength of your signal. Learn how to unlock a fast and consistent connection for your household.

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What factors impact Wi-Fi signal and speed?

Although having the correct equipment ensures you have an internet connection, it doesn’t always mean you’ll have a strong signal. Many factors come into play that may result in a weak signal.


If thick walls and separate floors come between you and your router, your signal can weaken as a result.

Equipment age

Older, less efficient equipment may no longer have the capability to cast a solid signal to your devices.

Other devices

Signals from other devices, such as baby monitors, TV, microwaves, or Bluetooth-connected devices can interfere with your Wi-Fi connection.

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How to improve Wi-Fi signal

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, obstructions such as walls and multiple floors can interfere with your signal. When you sign up for Frontier services, you get a Wi-Fi router which includes router configuration for certain services, such as Fiber. But even with new equipment there are still things you can do to improve your Wi-Fi signal. How? We have some suggestions!

  • Move your router high up and as close to the middle of the room as possible.

  • In larger homes, install a Wi-Fi extender for maximum signal strength.

  • Keep other devices, such as gaming consoles and Apple TVs, away from your router.

  • If your router has a few antennas, adjust them until you get the strongest signal strength.

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