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Frontier: Your Home Internet Provider

It’s easy to think that the Internet is the same regardless of your home Internet provider. However, not all home Internet service providers are created equal. Some have data caps, which you can quickly use up if you stream music while working, or stream movies in the evening to unwind.

Frontier® home Internet options give you fast and network-ready Internet speeds, and No Data Caps*. Whether you run your own business, have a side hustle, or work remotely, home Internet providers like Frontier offer Internet speeds to fit your needs and budget.

Home Wireless Internet Lets You Work How You Want

In the days of dial-up Internet, you had to have a dedicated space for your computer. Today, wireless home Internet lets you work where you feel most comfortable--the couch, the kitchen table, or your bedroom.

Home wireless Internet lets you connect to the Internet from anywhere in the house. If your creative juices flow best while on the couch watching reruns, wireless home Internet makes that possible. Prefer to listen to music but not wear headphones at home? Connect to your bluetooth speakers and stream music that keeps you focused.

Another benefit of wireless home Internet is a network-ready connection when on a video call with a client or your team. When you switch to Wi-Fi home Internet, you eliminate dead spots and dropped calls.

Built-in Flexibility with No-Contract Home Internet

Telecommunications companies generally require a one or two-year commitment, which made moving from place to place, or city to city, hard. Frontier has taken a page from cell phone carriers, and now offers month-to-month, or no annual contract Internet.

With no annual contract home Internet from Frontier, you aren’t locked into a one or two-year agreement. When that great opportunity at work comes up that requires relocation, or you have to move for a temporary assignment, you can cancel your Frontier service without worrying about hefty cancellation fees.

No annual contract home Internet from Frontier provides the flexibility you need for today’s economy, while still delivering the fastest Frontier Internet speeds available in your area.

Unlimited Home Internet: Enough Bandwidth for Work and Play

Streaming movies, TV shows, and music are bandwidth-intensive activities, and can quickly eat up your data allowance in a given month. This can be problematic for people who work from home and video-conference all day, or do video production or design work. That’s why unlimited home Internet is important.

Unlimited home Internet from Frontier comes with No Data Caps* and the Internet speeds to fit your need and budget. While friends or family stream or game online, you can keep working without worrying about exceeding your data limit.

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Create a Separate Work Space at Home

Working from home can mean being fully remote, going to the office once or twice a week, or anywhere in between. While tools like a laptop or desktop, a landline telephone, and fast, network-ready Internet are necessary, so is carving out a workspace.

If you live in a house, this can mean using a spare room as an office. If you live in an apartment, you might place a desk in a corner or utilize the kitchen table and clear it when you finish work for the day. This way, you have the space you need to get your work done and avoid distraction; you won’t be tempted to binge watch TV instead of finishing a project.

When you carve out your own space, you create both physical and mental space so you can be productive while working.