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Frontier Internet in North Carolina keeps Durham at the forefront of research and innovation.

While barcodes, CTRL + ALT + DLT, and astroturf came from companies like IBM and Chemstrand in Research Triangle Park, Duke University has also produced its share of innovations and breakthroughs.

Located in Durham, Duke University is home to one of the largest biomedical research enterprises in the United States. Professors and students at Duke are responsible for developing many of today’s innovations, like the 3D ultrasound scanner and the Duke Automatic Monitoring Equipment—the first world-wide computerized vital signs monitoring system.

Duke is also known for its sports programs, and Durham residents take their Blue Devils seriously. The men’s basketball team has 11 championship games under their belt with five wins—all under coach Mike Krzyzewski. Durham residents like to keep tabs on their Blue Devil sports teams, even during away games, keeping Durham Internet providers on their toes, especially when they play the Tar Heels at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. It’s considered one of the most intense sports rivalries.

Given the high concentration of technology and innovation in Durham, it’s no surprise that Durham residents demand a lot from their Internet service providers. A fast, network-ready connection is a necessity not only for work, but also for school, entertainment, and staying in touch with family. Durham Internet providers like Frontier offer fast, network-ready Internet connections, making it possible for innovation and education to continue.

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Frontier Internet Packages

Durham Internet providers that provide fast, network-ready Internet connections, help keep RTP residents connected to each other and the world. Frontier® Communications in Durham offers Frontier Internet, DISH TV and phone services. Choose the most popular package in your area of Durham, or find the one that best fits your needs.

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FiberOptic 500/500 Mbps Internet

99w /Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

  • FREE activation, plus Wi-Fi router included
  • No data caps or overage charges
  • Power multiple users/devices for streaming, gaming and sharing large files

FiberOptic Gig Service

99w/ Auto Pay

Terms & Conditions

  • FREE activation, plus Wi-Fi router included
  • No data caps or overage charges
  • Keep all your connected devices powered up to the max with loads of bandwidth
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Frontier Bill Pay in Durham, NC

With nearly 25,000 agent locations throughout the United States, you can pay your Frontier bill even when you’re not home. Agent locations include convenience stores, grocery stores, and retailers like Walmart. These payment locations accept Frontier bill payments via cash, check, or money order. Keep in mind there is a $1.50 fee when you pay your Frontier bill at an agent location.

Frontier Store Locations in Durham

Frontier has many retail stores located throughout the United States where you can walk in and talk to Frontier representatives about its products and services. Some locations also accept equipment, and some accept payment in the form of cash, check, or money order. Check with your local Frontier retail store to learn more.